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Becoming a Solstice Student

Information on the Solstice Sponsorship Program (SSP) for applicants.

The SSP includes a full-round student development program, with support functions like guidance & counselling, and growth opportunities through workshops, Hours Back to the community and internships.

Le Solstice accepts to review applications for a student sponsorship based on the minimum criteria below:

  • The student is already in the school system and is applying for primary, secondary, university or vocational training.

  • The student is unable to move forward due to economic hardship (not due to poor academic performance).

Le Solstice will prioritize requests from students who:

  • Have clear ambitions/goals for themselves.

  • Have excellent references and are introduced/recommended by a trusted party.

  • Are from a developing country and study in a developing country.

  • Maintain impeccable academic records.

  • Require urgent action (come from an unstable family background, or abusive environment).

Le Solstice applies the following basic rules:

  • Sponsorship for Master or Doctoral degrees, unless absolutely necessary for the student's career prospects, will not be accepted.

  • Le Solstice will not tolerate bad attitude and laziness.


Application Process

To receive a student sponsorship from Le Solstice, the student has to complete four steps.

Initial Contact

Step 1

The first step will be to get in contact with Le Solstice, who will run your request through the minimum requirements checklist (mentioned above) and may ask for clarifications to move forward.

Application Form

Step 2

You will receive the SSP Guidelines & Application Form, and be asked to read and complete the application form.

The application form includes questions on your profile, family/social situation, education/professional situation, sponsorship specifics and budgeting.

You will also have to submit a birth certificate, the most recent school report, academic certificates (if any), a letter of admission from the school you're applying to, and a handwritten motivation letter.


Step 3

You will be invited to an interview to review your application form and amend your budget. The interview is also a way for Le Solstice to assess your values and motivation.


Step 4

Le Solstice will issue a letter of admission to confirm your acceptance in the program, as well as a welcome booklet that includes information on progress reporting.


Then what?

Once a Solstice student, the individual benefits from support functions and growth opportunities, and has to complete progress reports every six months. In some cases, students may be asked to report every month.

Support Functions

Students are given regular coaching and guidance, as well as provided with a trusted professional social worker with whom they may seek counselling.

Growth Opportunities

Students are invited to participate in workshops regularly and given the opportunity to intern with employers so as to gain work experience, and add skills to their CV. Solstice Students are also required to complete a minimum of Hours Back to the community; which in turn also contributes to the development of their values and social awareness.

Progress Reporting

Students are evaluated on their academic performance and motivation every six months. Some students are required to check-in with Le Solstice every month in a quick and short reporting format.

These reports allow Le Solstice to validate a continued sponsorship or not.


Becoming an SSP Delegate

Information for Solstice Partners who wish to host the program and become SSP Delegates.

Le Solstice will consider the application of Solstice Partners only if they:

  • Have at least three years of experience with Le Solstice.

  • Have an excellent relationship with Le Solstice.

  • Have extensive experience in dealing with students, school budgeting and student evaluation.

  • Have already met several times with Le Solstice.

Before applying, Solstice Partners should be aware that once an SSP Delegate:

  • They will receive the Package Unit containing a guide book, all the template documents and data management centers.

  • They will be responsible for the student admission process, student development functions and student evaluation process.

  • They will be responsible for the budgeting, audit and evaluation of the program in their region.

  • They will be required to report to Le Solstice's headquarters in Switzerland.

If you're interested, contact your correspondent at Le Solstice.